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Masteron (Drostanolone propionate)

Masteron has a mild anabolic and high androgenic effects. It does not undergo conversion to estrogens, as an aromatase inhibitor. According to their biological nature Drostanolone is similar to dihydrotestosterone and its derivative. Chemical formula - 2-alpha-dihydrotestosterone propionate. Initially Drostanolone Propionate and Drostanolone Enanthate were used exclusively as a medical device for the treatment of breast cancer, but after some time had been canceled due to the high probability of occurrence of virilization. The most common Masteron steroid is available in vials of 100 and 50 mg/ml.

Masteron (Drostanolone propionate) Online.

The Main Traits of Masteron

Masteron(Drostanolone) is one of the most popular anabolic steroids. It is widely used by many professional sportsmen, as well as by the newcomers in the world of sports. Its main component is called Drostanolone Propionate. The first time the product hit the market was in the year 1970. Its initial manufacturer was Syntex, which afterward passed its license to Lilly.

At first, this preparation was used as a treatment for breast cancer in the period past menopause. It is necessary to mention that the initial version of Masterton does not exist any longer. It was modified. The original version was discontinued by FDA and was not administrated for medical purposes. Nevertheless, a modified product became popular amongst bodybuilders.

Testimony of the Product

This steroid stands in a great demand amongst bodybuilders thanks to several positive properties it provides. It has a strong anti-estrogen effect. In addition, it causes no damage to your liver because it is not toxic. Its safety is one of the reasons it is so sought-after. Nevertheless, there are some other positive effects of Masteron.

It shows a high level of effectuality while a cutting cycle. However, it has one peculiarity. It is really effective in the last stages of this period. It is known that cutting period means that athletes try to put off fat stores. It is extremely difficult to get rid of the last pounds of fat. This is when Masteron comes to aid. It will also improve harder physique.

Under the condition, you are naturally predisposed to be obese and experience difficulties when you are on a diet, this product would hardly bring you noticeable outcomes.

Due to a great potential, the product may sufficiently boost your strength abilities. It may become a beneficial help for those athletes who have limited their calorie consumption. One may also expect moderate improvements for a quicker recovery and greater endurance.

If making allowances for a bulking period, it is necessary to say that its effectuality would not be so good. The possibility of gaining muscle mass is moderate. Due to this fact, most athletes combine to with other steroids during the bulking cycle. A proper combination may ensure tremendous fat loss effects.

It is likewise chosen due to a low possibility for side effects caused by estrogen. It curbs the production of estrogen and resolves many problems. However, it may lose its anti-estrogen efficacy to a definite degree. The cause to such lowering of the efficacy is an increased activity of progesterone.

Adverse Effects

Due to a powerful influence on the organism, this preparation may possibly induce some health complications. Commonly, they are not serious and do not have a lasting character. In most cases, it is considered as a pretty friendly product, which does not cause any problems.

Nonetheless, there may develop the next complications:

  1. Baldness. It can be an issue for men who are predisposed to hair loss.
  2. An increased hair growth. It can develop in people who a natural predisposition to overly great hair growth.
  3. Acne. This is the most common side effect, which has a moderate severity.
  4. Violations of testosterone production. In some cases, it may seriously affect the production of this hormone. It will be lasting. As soon as it withdraws from your organism, your testosterone will return to the common levels.
  5. Increased levels of blood pressure. The influence on blood pressure levels is not serious.

The administration of this steroid is fairly individual. You should consult a professional in order to define the most effective and safe doses for you.

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