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Sofosbuvir is an advanced drug for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection. It is a medication which has proved to be an innovative treatment of certain types of hepatitis C, in a safe and effective manner, preventing from virus spreading in a human body, even without a help of interferon.

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Hepatitis C is one of the most dangerous and widely spread viruses all over the globe. It hardly damages patient's liver and causes cirrhosis. What is the most suspicious about this virus is that it doesn't have any active symptoms till your liver starts falling apart, this is the main reason why thousands of people die each year because of it, especially in the third world countries, where the level of hygiene is much lover. Till the last years treatment of this disease was a hard challenge, yet the science brought the hope, these are some real effective drugs and Generic Sovaldi with the main active component Sofosbuvir 400mg, is among them. Each tablet also contains: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, mannitol, croscarmellose sodium, cellulose. This drug is recommended to be used in combination with other ones; usually these are Ribavirin or Peginterferon, such combinations provide the best results. Sovaldi is made in India and Egipt.

Before starting a therapy one should first consult a doctor. The drug is prescribed for patients suffering from Chronic Hepatitis C type 1, 2, 3 and 4; AIDS, hepatocellular carcinoma and people who are waiting for a liver transportation. A doctor will determine the period of treatment circle and dosages, also he will decide what drug and in what dosages is to be used in a combination. The minimum period is 12 weeks and can be prolonged up to 45. The average dose is one pill per day. One of the main advantages of Sovaldi is that it can be used by patients belonging to all 4 genotypes.

Sovaldi is a very strong drug, and as all of them, it has a number of side effects that can be caused. They vary from a simple headache or nausea to neutropenia and myalgia. There was a scientific research where almost one thousand of patients took a part. It showed that the chance to get a side effect depends strictly from a period of treatment. Patients who took Sovaldi for 12 weeks felt only slight side effects like headache in 20-40% of cases, the prolongation up to 24 weeks increased this index up to 50-60% and 10-18% got such problems like pyrexia, myalgia and irritability. The drug is strongly not recommended for moms who are in period of breast-feeding.

As a conclusion it can be said that Generic Sovaldi is one of the leaders at the market of hepatitis treating drugs. Its efficiency in combination with other drugs can be approved by thousands patients all over the world, as it is prescribed in more than 90 countries.

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